Sunday, 10 February 2019

Federal Government Job at Ministry of Health & Prevention UAE | Summit You CV Here Online

Job Title                              Qualified Technician                   

Location                              AE

Organization Name        Primary Care - Health Village Center      

Brief Description                           

UAE ministries, authorities and institutions are the bodies entrusted to run government affairs at the federal level. They collaborate with the UAE local entities to provide services to the public in a unified and coherent manner.
1. Knowledge of nursing concepts and the principles of modern and modern practices in the nursing profession.
2. Skills to provide nursing care.
3. Leadership and managerial skills.
4. Understand the different cultural and religious customs and beliefs of the beneficiaries of the service. 5. Ability to communicate effectively in English.
6. Preferably proficiency in the Arabic language.

Detailed Description                    

1. Provide comprehensive nursing care in accordance with professional values and ethical principles and maintain confidentiality in the appropriate manner.
2. Nursing care shall be in accordance with the policies, procedures and standards of the health institution and the central nursing department and the Ministry of Health.
3. Prioritize the needs of the beneficiary of the service and charge other nursing staff with aspects of nursing care within the limits of their professional responsibilities.
4. Assess the suitability and quality of care provided to the beneficiaries and solve the specific problems.
5. Provide nursing care based on the needs of the beneficiaries of the service supported by nursing knowledge and based on the results of nursing research and reflect the professional skills in nursing.
6. Assist in the training and evaluation of new colleagues, assistant nurses and nursing assistants
Job Requirements                         
Certificate of Scientific Experiences Assessment
Establish a commitment to effective teamwork and build relationships
 Promote an environment of cooperation and teamwork.
Accuracy at Work 
Focuses on results
 Manages its performance and staff performance, in line with operational plans, allocates the time and resources necessary to complete business
 Reports on business progress, and is fully and effectively committed to carrying out work according to the stages and deadlines set for them.

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